A number of the NSA Barrow instruments benefit from Recovery Act (ARRA) funding. On the ARM Instruments page, these are marked with the letter R. The ARM site also has ARRA related news on an ARM Recovery Act page.

During the June 08 OSS teleconference, the following task or project was identified:

Many existing OSS instruments (Systems) were upgraded w/ ARRA funds.
These Systems don't need to be added to OSS, but their Component configurations may have changed.
Some systems like the KAZR (Former MMCR) may need to have a name change. If the KAZR is
substantially different it may be appropriate to decommission the old MMCRs, remove all the
components, create new KAZRs and reinstall the appropriate components and add and install any new
components that result from the upgrade.

We need to identify:

  1. New ARRA Systems not in OSS
  2. The core Components of those new ARRA Systems
  3. Any spare Components from (2).

This task, which affects site operations personnel, is tracked in EWO-13709. Jimmy Voyles supplied a spreadsheet, attached to the EWO, the Barrow portion of which is:

Starting from this spreadsheet and the ARM Instruments page, we can start drawing together the information the OSS team is requesting. The following table is work-in-progress and needs extending:

Instrument Type of ARRA contribution New componenets Operational? Instrument in OSS? All components in OSS? Comments / TODO
AERI upgrade new main instrument; current instrument is loan; final instrument set to arrive in Septpember 2011 yes yes (AERI or AERI02) no, records collected in July 2011 In OSS the newest instrument is called “AERI02”, however, all events are marked at AERI, and AERI02 has no components; AERI02 was created at the time of move from GW to connex in 2007. In reality, the ARRA-improved AERI is the 3rd incarnation. TODO: check if new components are listed under AERI – suggestion: keep “AERI”, do away with “AERI02”, check & update components.
CSPHOT upgrade new main instrument yes yes unknown see EWO - 00765, shipment in April, 51410 packing slip.
ECOR new no: AUG 2011 no no 2 systems will be deployed March-Nov yearly, 1 near the tower, 1 near Point Barrow, will go in August 2011 (Dave Cook - is the mentor). No parts list yet.
HSRL new lidar assembly, chiller, cooling fans, power supply, electronic components, computer yes yes no Brand-new instrument; instrument is lacking property stickers or component list (as per visits 2011-04 and -07). Ask mentor to supply labeled picture.
KASACR & WSACR new UPS rack (at least 2 UPSs), chiller rack (2 chillers), 2 air conditioners, radar assembly (with pedestal), PDU box, wind speed sensor (for stow information if wind gets too high), temp sensor (RTD probe) no: JULY/AUG 2011 no no Kevin Widener, Nitin to be asked to provide labeled image. This is a dual-antenna instrument (KASACR and WSACR) with shared components. It should probably be in OSS as 1 system but it is understood that several datastreams are involved and that an outage of one of the instruments may well leave the other instrument unaffected.
KAZR upgrade see images sent by Kevin Widener yes yes no MMCR be renamed (no?), or a new OSS instrument be created (yes? – )? Spares from MMCR? Antenna & mount should be identical. Kevin Widener sent labeled pictures
MET upgrade PWD, ultrasonic wind sensors yes yes likely, though PWD components need verification verify PWD labels in OSS. Sensor exchange on tower took place in July 2011, so this instrument is likely to be up to date
MPL-P upgrade New camera?? new polarization system (upgrade), maybe new computer, window heater, laser power supply yes yes no, but new records were collected in July 2011 This is MPLPOL in OSS
SONDE (BBSS) upgrade RBL: main computer, UPS, big container with sonde launching assembly with sub-systems: gas subsystem, clamshell holding system, release/loading system … yes, officially yes no (only old components) Digicora = radio part that talks to computer, also sonde-conditioning unit that attaches to computer; major new part - RBL: : ask mentor how this should be broken up
VCEIL upgrade new instrument yes yes yes new instrument came in 2010, OSS should be up to date.
XSAPR new yes no no, but label photos were collected in July 2011 Need pictures, then ask Kevin & Nitin about major exchangeable components

Action items ( — Chris Waigl (admin) 2011-07-11 10:30 )

  1. Jeff: AERI (original) components sent to U Wisconsin – dig up email.
  2. Jeff: Send pictures of anything to Chris
  3. Chris: Email mentor of HSRL about major replaceable parts
  4. Chris/Martin: during July 19-21 Barrow trip, check property labels and any documentation and update OSS accordingly
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