Instrument abbreviations and acronyms

For more information see the NSA Barrow Instruments page.

AERI Atmospheric emitted radiance interferometer
BBSS Balloon-borne sounding system
CAM Camera
CSPHOT Cimel sunphotometer
HSRL High spectral resolution lidar
HW Hardware
GNDMFR Ground (upwelling) multi-filter radiometers
GVR G-band (183 GHz) vapor radiometer
GVR-P G-band (183 GHz) vapor radiometer - profiler
IRT Infrared thermometer
KAZR Ka-band ARM zenith radar
METTWR Surface Meteorological instrumentation on tower
MET-TWR Surface Meteorological instrumentation on tower
MFRSR Mulit-filter rotating shadowband radiometer
MMCR Millimeter cloud radar
MPL Micropulse lidar
MWR Microwave radiometer
MWR-P Microwave radiometer - profiler
NIMFR Normal incidence multi-filter radiometer
RWP Radar wind profiler
SKYRAD Sky Radiometers
SW Software
TPS Total precipitation sensor
TSI Total sky imager
TWR Tower
VCEIL Vaisala ceilometer
X-SAPR X-band scanning ARM precipitation radar

ARM project & operations abbreviations and acronyms

ARM Atmospheric Radiation Measurement
CM Corrective Maintenance
NSA North Slope of Alaska
OSS Operations Status System
SDS Site datasystems
SGP Southern Great Plains
TWP Tropical Western Pacific
UAF University of Alaska Fairbanks
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