The following table summarizes our state of knowledge of the NSA instruments from the most reliable available sources. It is used to keep on top of changes, and to facilitate reporting. The goal is to update this page whenever new information becomes available, or every 2-3 days.

Instrument(s) DQHandS Stream DQHandS Last Updated DSView Stream DSView Status Status & Comments OSS TODO?
AERI nsaaerich1 current aeri :OK: This is a loaner instrument. AERI-E for Barrow is expected mid/late-September :!: (ARRA)
AERI nsaaerich2 current aeri see above
AERI nsaaeriengineer current aeri see above
AERI nsaaeriqc 2011-07-03 aeri see above (Why is this one stuck in July 2011?)
AERI nsaaerisummary current aeri see above
BBSS (SONDE) nsasondewnpn 2011-09-26 sonde :OK: :FIX: Telco 9/29/11, Jeff: Back on RBL since Sep 27. SDS needs to switch over ingest datastream, but data is there. :!: (ARRA)
CIMEL / CSPHOT none n/a csphot :OK: Not sure why not in DQHandS :OK: (2011-10-12 22:45:00) :!: (ARRA)
GNDMFR 10m nsamfr10m current mfr10m :OK:
GNDRAD 10m nsagndrad60s current gndrad :OK: (= TIP-TWR radiometers, upwelling) :!:
GVR nsagvr current gvr :OK: :?: Instrument will be sent to Prosensing for calibration in September, mentor discussing with vendor.
GVR-P nsagvrp current gvrp :?: DQPR-2701: Mentor reports increased noise on brightness temperatures, cause unknown.
HSRL none n/a n/a :FIX: :OK: Telco 9/29/11: There was a problem requiring reboots. 8/26/11, email from Connor Flynn about instrument status: The etalon pressure continues to drop; the laser cavity controller is not stabilizing the laser sufficiently. Replacement of parts and a site visit of Ilya Razenkov is discussed. The instrument is producing data. :!: (ARRA)
IRT (Digital) nsairt 2011-07-26 irt :?: :FIX:: Digital data line: out again since since Sep 24, Jeff is in Barrow working on it with Dick Eagan and Fred, also to fix SKYRAD noise issue 2011-07-15 15:50
KAZR nsakazr current kazr & kazrspec :OK: :OK: :!: (ARRA)
METTWR nsamet current met :OK: :!:
METTWR nsatwr current met see “met”
MFRSR nsamfrsr current mfrsr :OK: :?: see 9/7/11 CM Report 8302 and DQPR #2677 regarding shadow band shadowing; no sunlight at solar noon to test
MPL-P nsamplpolfs current mplpolfs :OK: :OK: 2011-07-15 15:50
MWR nsamwrlos current mwr :OK:
MWR-P nsamwrp 2010-04-27 mwrp :?: :FIX: Instrument and computer were installed 2011-10-17/18 2011-10-18 - may need last update.
NIMFR nsanimfr current nimfr :OK: Appears to be fixed as of June 27. See DQPR 2627. :!:
RWP nsa915rwpwindcon current 915rwp :OK: :?: Some quality issues with this datastream in DQHandS. Up and available since June 2011 :OK:
SKYRAD nsaskyrad60s current skyrad :NOTOK: :FIX: DQPR 2711: Since Sep 2, the signal on all data fields except IRT (analog) appears much noisier than expected. Weekly conference: discussion with mentor points to SKYRAD being ok, but power supply faulty. - see IRT above: this started with switch of IRT digital to RocketPort :!:
TPS nsatps current tps :?: Ingest available, but intermittent data b/c of poor data quality.
TSI nsatsiskycover current tsi :OK:
TWRCAM none n/a twrcam40m :OK:
VCEIL nsavceil25k current vceil25k :OK:
XSAPR none n/a xsapr :FIX: Telco 9/29/11: vendor in Barrow late week of Sep 19; working now? - started up 6-26. Week of 7/11: Warnings, high voltage one day, and had a DC voltage warning as well. Nitin has the unit in steady state, not rotating or scanning. :!: (ARRA)
QC and Diagnostic Datastreams
multiple comparison current multiple Useful diagnostic datastream from DQHands
multiple nsaqcrad1long 2011-04-17 Not an instrument, but a radiation QC value-added product
Obsolete Datastreams
METTWR nsamettwr2h 2008-09-08 met (obsolete)
METTWR nsamettwr4h 2008-09-11 met (obsolete)
MMCR nsammcrmom 2011-03-23 instrument replaced by KAZR
MPL nsampl 2006-09-25 (obsolete)
MPL-P? nsamplpol 2010-07-07 mplpolfs? (obsolete)
RWP nsa915rwptempcon 2011-06-13 915rwp (obsolete) Temperature measurement requires acoustic system to be in operation, which isn't the case at the NSA site.
nsamfrsraod1mich 2010-05-31 (obsolete?)
? none n/a mwrhf (obsolete)

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