Passwords, IP addresses, remote access

  • ARM_files is the name of a shared Dropbox folder that is used to securely store and share sensitive key information that needs to be kept up to date. The files and folder are managed by Martin Stuefer and Chris Waigl at UAF, who can be approached for this information (email to
  • ARM_NSA_OPS.kdb is an encrypted Keepass (v.1) password safe that contains the actual shared passwords. The master password is kept on a different system separately and will not be sent in email.
  • ARM_weekly within the ARM_files folder contains the master files and script(s) for generating weekly reports
  • OpsNotes within the ARM_files folder contains:
    • An Excel sheet named IP_Allocation_[datestamp].xlsx with the NSA IP addresses
    • A RAdmin Phonebook file RAdmin_[origin]_[datestamp].rpb exported from our RAdmin clients to import in your copy of RAdmin Viewer. Passwords are stored in the password safe (see above).
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