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This wiki aims to document the processes and tools currently used by the teams involved in operating the USS Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) climate research facility's North Slope of Alaska (NSA) site. This includes drawing together links to commonly used tools and briefly describing their function and status as well serving as a shared workspace for the development of new tools, such as the rewriting of the NSA team's corrective maintenance reporting database.

ARM & NSA core information


  • The ARM web site is the main repository of information on the ARM facilities, instruments, data, processes, teams and responsibilities
  • OSS is ARM's Operation Status System. It is used to track the operational status at all ARM Climate Research Facility Sites through events that affect Systems and Components
  • The ARM wiki with operational and engineering sections



Please consult the list of ARM/NSA acronyms and abbreviations.

Operational monitoring and management

Tools for operational monitoring

  • ARM Data Quality (DQ) Program: tools for near real-time monitoring of nearly all the data streams produced by the ARM facilities:
    • DSView at the Data Management Facility (DMF): monitoring of data streams – in particular Collection (C) and Ingest (I) – with time of last successful run and error message
    • DQ Explorer (Data Quality Explorer): assessment of hour-by-hour data quality and availability metrics for each ARM data stream
    • An older version of the DQHands (Data Quality Health and Safety) Explorer tool is here
    • DQHandS Plot Browser: easy access to a selection of daily data plots
  • Pages maintained by individual instrument teams. These are often up to date when ingest at ARM does not necessarily take place:
  • Local tools:
    • A new local DSView tool was made available in July 2011. We're currently testing its stability for day-to-day use.
    • Nanuna hosts camera image archives and other historical data backups
    • Barrow cameras (IOP-CAM and TWRCAM are consultable in real time, but only from a computer that is authorized to connect to the Barrow network (filtered at the firewall). Otherwise, the links will not work.

Tools for operational management

Roles and responsibilities

People are listed in the OMIS on Agvik. Write something about our most important contacts and what to contact them about.: Operational team – Mark Ivey, Jeff Zirzow, Valerie Sparks, Walter Brower, Jimmy Ivanoff, Josh Ivanoff, Martin Stuefer, Chris Waigl etc.; SDS: Cory, Trent; DMF: Nicole Kleck; OSS: Brad Perkins to be completed

Site visit reports

The operational support team at UAF regularly visits the

July 18-21, 2011 Barrow visit: Martin Stuefer & Chris Waigl. Purpose: MET tower instrument maintenance. SKYRAD and GNDRAD radiometer swap-out. Inventory on ARRA instruments.


About this wiki

More information and a log of major changes on the About this wiki page.

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