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Papers related to the UAFSMOKE project

Papers on WRF-CHEM modelling of wildfire smoke emissions

  • Grell, G., Freitas, S. R., Stuefer, M. & Fast, J. Inclusion of biomass burning in WRF-Chem: impact of wildfires on weather forecasts. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 10, 30613–30650 (2010).
  • Stuefer, M., Grell, G. A., Freitas, S. R., Kulchitsky, A. V. & Newby, G. B. WRF/Chem forecasting of wildfire smoke in Alaska. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts -1, 0227 (2009).

Papers on WRF-Fire modelling of fire spread

  • Clark, T., Coen, J. & Latham, D. Description of a coupled atmosphere–fire model. Int. J. Wildland Fire 13, 49–63 (2004).
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