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Sean Egan - PhD Student at UAF GI

About Me

I began my graduate career at UAF in the Tom Trainor lab in the Chemistry Department at UAF. After a semester, I decided to transfer into a PhD program. In my search for a truly PhD worthy project, I came across a collaborative effort lead by Peter Webley and Martin Stuefer regarding the validation of the GOES-R baseline volcanic ash product. This project not only included the validation of a NOAA(NASA) baseline product, but also promised a volcanic ash modeling and forecasting ability. It was this modeling aspect of their project which interested me the most. I began working on the project in April of 2012. Since then, I've begun working with the WRF-Chem Model, begun forming a these, and have applied for a fellowship.

I recently (Summer of 2012) completed my written comprehensive examinations. Courses which I have taken include Atmospheric Chemistry, Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Fate and Transport, Core Skills in Computational Science, Introduction to Computational Meteorology and Environmental Toxicology.

Although I love the atmosphere, my main interests are in physical chemistry. I hope to take Molecular Spectroscopy, if Bill Simpson decides to offer it again. I also would like to take a Quantum Mechanics course, as well as a Statistical Thermodynamics course. In addition, a Atmospheric dynamics course would be nice as well.

The Purpose of This Page

A good wiki page should have a reason to be edited by people. On this page, I will have links to interesting papers which pertain to my research. These papers are stored on this wiki site, along with descriptions of their contents. I'd like to call these paper “discussions”, even though I'm the one writing them. I choose this terminology because I'd like to have people add their own interpretations or questions of the papers I've posted. So if you see a paper of interest to you, have questions about one, disagree with my interpretation of the paper or have anything to add, feel free to post on those pages!

These pages will most likely be used by future graduate students in the Stuefer, Cahill and Webley labs, so any comments you can make are welcome. In addition, I will have guides as to how one compiles WRF-Chem on a variety of platforms, including Pacman, multi-core Linux boxes and Mac computers. If you see anything on these pages that would optimize the compilation of WRF or maybe help someone do this faster, feel free to add to those pages as well.

My Thesis Proposal

Bi-Weekly Research Reports

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