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Sites to download publicly available satellite data

Sites specializing on data products from specific sensors

EarthExplorer USGS yes no yes no no no AVHRR, EO-1, multiple
FIRMS NASA no no MOD14 no yes no near real-time data
LAADS Web NASA no yes no yes no no no
MIRADOR NASA no no some no yes TRMM AIRS, MERIS, geophysical data
CLASS NOAA no no no yes
UMD VIIRS fire UMD no no no fire product no no no
UMD MODIS fire UMD no no fire product no no no no

Sites specializing on derived products, geographic areas and other geodata

Sitename Organization Datasets
Landfire USDA/USGS fuel and land cover, derived products
Alaska Mapped UAF GINA multiple Alaska-related imagery, DEM (ASTER), best available layers, topo maps, aerial photography, LIDAR etc.
National Map USGS DEMs, topo maps, other map products
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